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                                        Our Amazing Team

    We love getting to know our clients so that we may give them the best service possible.      

                       We bring excitement and energy into our workspace.


                    We maintain inspiration and passion for our industry.


                  We find purpose and meaning in the service that we provide.


                                                       This is us!

   Our Team (and when we they started at Omni)

   Krissy-Salon & Spa Business Manager and Salon Coordinator (been running       around this building in some capacity since 1984!)

   Melissa-Stylist and Nail Technician (2002)
   April-Stylist (2004)
   Teresa-Nail Technician (2004)
   Lisa-Stylist (2006)
   Holland-Massage Therapist, Esthetician and Nail Technician

   Dusty-Salon Coordinator (2006)

   Jenna-Stylist (2008)
   Jenny-Stylist (2011)
   Kelly-Stylist (2011)

   Courtney-Stylist and Nail Technician (2012)
   Karlie-Stylist and Nail Technician (2016)

   Taylor-Stylist and Nail Technician (2022)

   Diane-Salon Coordinator (2022)

   Bryan-Stylist and Nail Technician (2023)

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