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                               OUR AMAZING TEAM

Krissy-Salon & Spa Business Manager and Salon Coordinator (been running around this building in some capacity since 1984!)

Dusty-Salon Coordinator (with Omni since 2006)

Diane-Salon Coordinator (with Omni since 2022)

Our Service Providers
Melissa-Stylist and Nail Technician (with Omni since 2002)
April-Stylist (with Omni since 2004)
Teresa-Nail Technician (with Omni since 2004)
Lisa-Stylist (with Omni since 2006)
Holland-Massage Therapist, Esthetician and Nail Technician
(with Omni since 2006)
Beth-Stylist (with Omni since 2007)
Jenna-Stylist (with Omni since 2008)
Jenny-Stylist (with Omni since  2011)
Kelly-Stylist (with Omni since 2011)
Courtney-Stylist and Nail Technician (with Omni since 2012)
Karlie-Stylist and Nail Technician (with Omni since 2016)

Taylor-Stylist and Nail Technician (with Omni since 2022)

We're Hiring!!!

38 year old Salon & Spa seeking a relationship with service providers that are  passionate towards the industry.


What we have to offer:

A warm welcoming, supportive, environment filled with friendly, helpful and fun co-workers as well as a great clientele.

The majority of our staff have been here 10+ years and they are busy. Our business continues to grow and we need help! If you are looking for a work place to do what you love and to call home (it even includes helping with the laundry!😉) then we are for you.

We are currently looking for the following:

A licensed Massage Therapist

Please email the following information to Krissy at:


~Full Name/Address/Phone #

~How long you have been in the industry (*where you graduated from and when)

~Work history

~What you feel that you have to offer (*skills, qualities)

~Why you think you might like to work here

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